Friday, September 20, 2013


This is the ITC Math Department website. It will be a one-stop resource center for all our students and parents. We hope that you will use it often and find it helpful as you work your way through your math classes and become successful students. Read some of the past articles and try the problems that are posted. The Math Links are very helpful to you if you are stuck at home and need some help. Please let us know if you want anything else on the website. Email us at

Free SAT Prep Classes

Attention jrs and srs! You need a good SAT score to go to a good college. You also need a good score if you plan to get into a competitive career.
SU is offering FREE SAT prep classes for the upcoming exam. They will be held at SU on Saturday mornings.

Get a free study guide and breakfast and lunch is also provided.
For the first session you must register by October 3rd.

Click here to register.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Graphing Calculators

If you don't have a graphing calculator a home here are a few options for you.

To download a version of the TI 83(which we use in class) click on this link.

If you have a Droid phone and want to download an app for the TI 83, click on this link.

And lastly if you want to use an online version, look at the link along the right of this page.

Remember it is very important that you have access to a graphing calculator to do work at home.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Welcome Back 2013-14

The ITC Math Dept would like to welcome back all our returning students and congratulate our freshman class on being selected to attend our great school.

We hope that you will use this website to help you in all your math classes.

Look here for weekly puzzles that will give you a chance to win prizes. Simply answer the question and email your answer to

We are always looking for new ideas and suggestions so please let us know how we can make math easier for you to understand.

As always look at the links along the right side of the webpage to help you study and review in all your classes.

Good luck and have a  great year!

The ITC Math Team

Mr. Kunnath
Mr. Lane
Mr. Cosgrove
Mr. Rhiele
Mr. Fraher