Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Playing with Parabolas

Click HERE or HERE to play with an online grapher that shows you what happens as you change the coefficients in a quadratic function. Why does the parabola move up or down or sideways? Can you predict what would happen by changing one or more numbers in its equation?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Puzzle 3

The ITC Culinary Department is baking cookies for a fundraiser for the School dance. They want to put them in packets of 3's, but they have one cookie left over. They try to make packets of 4 and still have one left over, So they try to make packets of 5 cookies, but still find one left over. If they made less than a hundred cookies, how many did they bake?

Send your answers to for a prize. Good luck!

January 2013 Regents Schedule

Click HERE for the full schedule.

All 3 math regents are being offered so  check with guidance to make sure you are registered to take one or more if you need it.

ITC will be starting after school Regents Prep classes in Math in Tuesdays from 2:50 to 3:50pm, so come to these to prepare.

Lots of review material is linked on the right that can be useful as you study.