Saturday, January 21, 2012

Online Textbooks

In case you missed an earlier posting, and needed to study for the upcoming regents exams, complete textbooks are available online:

Integrated Algebra



Its Automatic...mathematic!

Relax this weekend with some hard core math rap!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Similar Triangles


Learn the differences between congruent and similar triangles in this video.

New Year, New Attitude

Although we are starting off 2012, its many months into the school year. But its still a great time to make some positive changes for the second half of the year. Here are some suggestions on things you can do to become a better person and a better student.

Take school seriously. Its very easy to do very little work and barely make it through school, but in the long run it hurts you. Every effort you put into your school work will be rewarded in big ways in college.

Don't give up. Not everyone finds math easy, but the more you work on it the easier it becomes. These are the same rules athletes and coaches apply in sports practice. You don't become a better player by accident. You work at it till you reach perfection. The same goes for math.

Think outside the box. Its easy and to follow the crowd and do the popular thing. Think about all you miss out on if you only do what others do. Listen to different music, watch different movies, read more books, eat different foods, dress differently, do your own thing, be your own person.

Be well rounded. The time to get into new habits, hobbies and interests is NOW. The earlier you explore new ideas and interests, the sooner it becomes a part of your life. Don't be stuck with a few narrow interests and make it a point to learn things beyond school. Its easiest when you are young.

"Life is difficult"
That's the opening sentence to the book The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck. Seems like a harsh statement, but you only have to look around us to see this reality every day. Keep this in mind as you sit in class and think of your future.

2012 may be your best year yet if you focus on yourself and  commit to your future.

Send in your comments on other things students can do to enrich themselves and succeed in life.

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